Just Go Along With It

by Knits Knots

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Mike is a talented guy, with a home studio by a peaceful lake. He kindly suggested we record some music together, and I took him up on his offer.


released February 11, 2013

Sarv: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, glockenspiel, melodica
Mike: acoustic guitar, electric guitar (+ all da cray solos), bass, keys
Matt: additional electric guitar
Zander: b(ad)ass in track 4
Corey: real drums pro
Midnight: occasional barking and shuffling around

Lyrics written by Sarv. Additional lyrics by Mike.

All producing and mixing done by Mike at The Hillside Studios



all rights reserved


Knits Knots Montréal, Québec


Crafting a blanket of dreamy, disconnected songs for you to wrap yourself in.

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Track Name: An Argument That Never Really Took Place
To voice an opinion
Against an opinion
Is easy to do
It's easy to do

So I tried to say something
Because you said something wrong
You can be wrong sometimes
So I tried to say something right...

But no sound came out
My mouth stayed shut

I think I liked you too much
To hurt you,
To hurt me,
To hurt us.
Track Name: Keeping Time
Every moonlit night that passes by
Peaking passages through snowy pines
Quiet clearings never cleared my mind
They just made the noises louder inside

And while warm sunny days melt your heart
Walking on a beach far from your home
Leaving fading footprints in the sand
Holding weathered seashells in your hand

I'm just keeping time
Track Name: In May
My dear, did you ever think that I would ever leave you
My dear, could it maybe be you never thought it through

Early in the morning we were
Opening a backdoor to another world

Early in the morning, we were
Laying in the backyard, whistling with birds

The fear of being the one to take in all of the blame
Those tears, unexpected as a heavy summer rain

On the 16th of May, the heaviest of downpours
Drenched us in our clothes, and left us in a storm

On the 16th of May, the ficklest of downpours
Washed out all the colour, and put out all the burn