Just Go Along With It

by Knits Knots

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Mike is a talented guy, with a sweet home studio, by a peaceful lake. He kindly suggested we record some music together, and I took him up on his offer.

"Just Go Along With It" is a collaboration between a few good friends who share a love for music. Recording was an off-and-on process. We'd mostly get together when our schedules permitted, from March 2012, onward. Good year, all-in-all.


released 11 February 2013
Sarv: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, glockenspiel, melodica
Mike: acoustic guitar, electric guitar (+ all da cray solos), bass, keys
Matt: additional electric guitar
Zander: b(ad)ass in track 4
Corey: real drums pro
Midnight: occasional barking and shuffling around

Lyrics written by Sarv. Additional lyrics by Mike.

All producing and mixing done by Mike at The Hillside Studios



all rights reserved


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Track Name: An Argument That Never Really Took Place
To voice an opinion
Against an opinion
Is easy to do
It's easy to do

So I tried to say something
Because you said something wrong
You can be wrong sometimes
So I tried to say something right...

But no sound came out
My mouth stayed shut

I think I liked you too much
To hurt you,
To hurt me,
To hurt us.
Track Name: Keeping Time
Every moonlit night that passes by
Peaking passages through snowy pines
Quiet clearings never cleared my mind
They just made the noises louder inside

And while warm sunny days melt your heart
Walking on a beach far from your home
Leaving fading footprints in the sand
Holding weathered seashells in your hand

I'm just keeping time
Track Name: Good Company
My mind is up in the rafters
Eyes carrying bags of sleep
But when the time comes for morning
Daylight fills the room and pulls me
Out into the balcony

Head up in the clouds
Come and find me
Expectations contrast
Through the looking-glass
Barefoot on the ground
With my memories
Fading away

My heart is set on discovering
It's left no time for settling
I wanna move to a city
Where all the boys and girls go out
And have fun in good company

Head up in the clouds
Come and find me
Expectations contrast
Through the looking-glass
Barefoot on the ground
With my memories
Fading away
Track Name: Fever
For a moment I thought my fever went out
Filters blue and gold pull the red out of sight
Sleep and dream but I can't remember a thing
Thoughts that seemed so close, but would slip out of reach

Now the cool air softly brushes my warm face
Half-asleep but those sweet strange sounds linger

For a moment I thought I painted the sea
Colours red and gold, where the skyline would meet
Waveless water and even stranger still air
Windless, yet the palms dance with all their roots bare

Now I'm swimming, endlessly dreaming of stranger things
Half-awake but my mind still tells me to sleep
Track Name: I Don't Know
I don't know why
I couldn't be a boat
Floating overseas
And I don't know why
You couldn't be a bird
Watching over me

I never got why
My mother disappeared
For months at a time
And I thought it would be nice
To head over to a barn
And look at all the stars

Maybe for a moment, we were in love
I thought that for a moment, we were in love
Could it be that maybe, we were in love
Did you think that maybe, we were in love
Track Name: Barefoot
Go for walk, through the sun-soaked pavement, barefoot from the lawn. Step over glass, passing jokes to like-minded people. Like-minded people won't break high hopes. Oh, and I can see the good in people, and people can see the good in me.
Track Name: Ships
On a cold and blustery afternoon
The sun had set long before we left school
And your feet were wet
You were laughing at jokes that I made but you didn't get

We stood midway up the queue
Looked like the bus would be full soon
And I held my tongue
But I really didn't mind if we had to catch the next one

You talk about the way that music resonates
You can't suppress a smile of wonderment like a child
I'm searching for a sign, something concealed behind
But little did I know, you're a ship with sails unfurled
Track Name: Beachside
Breakfast on the back porch
Soaked in sunlight
Without you

All is well that ends well
Still can't tell
What went wrong

When everything disappears
Like islands in a storm
I carry on

Memories from the beachside
Or was it poolside
Are fading out

From the sides
Track Name: I Always Keep a Picture of You in my Pocket
I tend to dream in the day
And my night sleep is dark and vague
But the one time my mind leaped back in it's cage
Was the day you said

You keep my days long
You keep me warm

As the fall sets in with its colours
You write back as a polite gesture
My heart's left an empty space
When you left it finally hit

You kept my days long
You kept me warm
You left me hanging
And you hurt me most
Track Name: In May
My dear, did you ever think that I would ever leave you
My dear, could it maybe be you never thought it through

Early in the morning we were
Opening a backdoor to another world

Early in the morning, we were
Laying in the backyard, whistling with birds

The fear of being the one to take in all of the blame
Those tears, unexpected as a heavy summer rain

On the 16th of May, the heaviest of downpours
Drenched us in our clothes, and left us in a storm

On the 16th of May, the ficklest of downpours
Washed out all the colour, and put out all the burn